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Dear Friend,

In the next few moments I'm going to tell you how to find and build a list of top notch leads who will pay you handsomely for your skills.

I'll even SHOW YOU how to do it, anywhere in the world, with just a few minutes "work" each day.

Yeah, you read that right. A few minutes.

Here's my promise to you:

If You Can Afford The Time It Takes To Read This Letter, You Already Have The Time To Build A List Of High-Paying Clients—Today.

My name's Lior Ohayon. Some people call me "The Travelling SEO Guy"… (and I won't lie, watching sunsets on my beach of choice, while sipping cold beers hasn't yet got boring).

It sounds like I've got a charmed life.

But there's NOTHING about my situation you can't have too.

The freedom to move around as you want. The ability to make money on your terms. The long list of high-paying clients that think of you as their no.1 guy.

Did I mention that client list before? Because that's the secret, and this is where you finally find out how to get it.

If You've Ever Thought About Giving Up And Settling For A Regular J.O.B…

I'll be the first to admit it didn't start out great.

I did all the usual things the gurus say.

I went into Google and listed every lead I could find. I called them all up trying to sell them all kinds of services.

…and it bombed.

I'd phone people up and be told they didn't want my services, they didn't need my services, and how dare I bother them?

And one day, I just couldn't do it. I sat staring at myself in the mirror, wondering why I was doing all this.

That was when it finally clicked. That morning, I sketched out the process my business has run by ever since.

This Process Lets Me Run My Business From Anywhere I Like… And Now I'm Going To Give It To You

The trick isn't to go out and look for more leads.

It's to look for the RIGHT leads.

With them, you can quickly grow an offline business that pulls in four to five figures a month.

But what does 'the right leads' mean?

It means finding, accessing, and targeting ONLY the leads that are in DESPERATE NEED of your services.

Makes sense, right? Why waste time on anything else?

Once you start focusing on finding the right leads your prospect does all the hard work for you…

You'll be on a skype call and they'll say stuff like:

"Yeah, I know, I've been meaning to do something about it, but never got around to it, can you help, how much?"

There's No Magic To Closing Lead After Lead After Lead… But There Is A Trick

Here's what you should be doing to run the kind of business I have:

And that's it. That gets your foot in the door.

No hard sell. No cold calling.

Just A Huge List Of Hot Prospects Waiting To Be Reeled In

You might be thinking that still sounds like it could take a bit of time.

You'd be right. Organizing and going through that much data can take time.

But because it's a process, it's one you can automate.

Let me introduce you to ScopeLeads…


ScopeLeads finds, develops, tracks, and connects you with leads and prospects who are actually in need of your services.

This isn't some dodgy lead scraper that goes to Google and sucks up every lead it can find.

Seen them, bought them, used them, HATE them.

ScopeLeads finds only the leads that want your service.


Only want leads that need SEO? Just hit 'SEO Lacking' and you'll only get leads who seriously need better organic rankings.


Are you more comfortable with Social Media? Use this to get your foot in the door with large businesses who need some Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube presence.


Or perhaps you're keen to carve yourself out a slice of the pie in the biggest growing sector online… mobile. Simply choose your niche, and use ScopeLeads to search for businesses lacking a mobile responsive website.


Even businesses who know basic SEO are often missing this, and adding it leads to a huge boost in rankings. This search opens up a whole new audience for you.

Video Lacking

Every business needs video on their website to sell better and rank higher in Google too. If you sell video, local commercials, or animations, ScopeLeads will find you businesses missing exactly what you can provide

And not only that…

You'll have ALL their available contact info. E-mail, address, phone number, social accounts… all on a silver platter.

ScopeLeads Is Something Entirely Different From Any Lead Management Tool You've Ever Seen…

It gives you the best leads, and ONLY the best leads.

And that's just the start:

Find The Right Prospects Without Research: Push a button and let ScopeLeads go to work. (In less than a minute you'll have a list of the hottest prospects available to you, complete with full contact details, web and social media details).

Get The Financial Security You Deserve: How much you charge new clients is up to you… but here's a heads up… the beauty of working with people who need you and value you, is they're prepared to pay you handsomely for your time… (Want to put a price on that? I've seen ScopeLeads users charge as little as $750, or as much as $1,500 for a few hour's work. Reckon you could handle that?)

Set Up Hassle-Free Strategy Calls & Consultations In One-Click: Save and send fully personalized emails for easy one-click communications. Simply select your future clients from the list ScopeLeads gives you, and press send. (ScopeLeads KNOWS who you're contacting, and personalizes each email it sends out for you… so there's no limit on how many leads you can contact, 'personally', in the click of a button)

Effortlessly Track Your Sales Process: ScopeLeads gives you the power to be as busy or as free as you choose to be… but, thanks to ScopeLeads' CRM, what it never lets you do is lose track of your clients and leads.

Use Digital Audits For Instant Authority In The Eyes Of Your Clients: ScopeLeads' digital audits make a great first impression. Instantly see what your lead is lacking and suggest some key improvements, then watch your authority (and your retainer) grow.

Own A Successful Business: How will it feel to tell your friends you've just landed your first $2000/month client? (I'll tell you now: it's awesome, and it never gets old)

Grow Your Business Faster Than Ever: With ScopeLeads fighting your corner, you'll never be without a ready supply of hot THE HOTTEST prospects… which means one of the biggest hurdles to your business growth (that most business stutter and fall at) has just been removed… for good.

No More Awkward Sales Calls: Showing people who've demonstrated a need for SEO and Social Media how to make their marketing better isn't cold calling… it's good business.

Never Miss A Lead: ScopeLeads local search options lets you restrict your targeting to a single country, state, or even a single city – so every lead will be one you can follow, and not located 25 miles north east of Nuuk. And it works in any country on the planet, not just the US.

Zero Learning Curve: ScopeLeads doesn't have a learning curve, because there's nothing to learn. Log into your dashboard. Type in your keywords. Click a button or two. That's about it!

Spend More Time On What Matters: With a business that lets you set your own hours, travel at will and charge what you're worth… you've got far more say over how your days unfold. So take the next sunny morning to yourself? Take the day! Need a holiday? Go for it.

ScopeLeads Is So Simple, Even A School Kid Could Generate Dozens Of Red Hot Leads In A Couple Of Clicks.

And you can do it all in just 3 easy steps…

And that's it. Your part is done.

ScopeLeads will serve up the details of all the leads in your niche, that need what you're selling.

That's Where Most Common Variety Lead Tools Stop… But ScopeLeads Is Just Warming Up.

Check out what ScopeLeads does next with these powerful prospect pulling features…

Targeted Search

ScopeLeads uses location specific searches to ONLY serve up local leads in need of your services. These searches are performed using safe, secure and trusted algorithms to pull the most relevant leads in less time than it takes you to eat a breakfast bagel.

Unlimited Searches
& Campaigns

ScopeLeads wont cap your searches. It won't get you banned from Google. You can use it to generate as many leads as you can handle, as many times as you like.

People even use it to produce MAMMOTH lists of leads that can be outsourced to a salesperson to close for you. Whatever you want to do, ScopeLeads won't stand in your way.

Digital Audits

Running a complete audit on the web presence of any lead is easy... and the perfect way to show authority.

In the click of a button ScopeLeads analyzes crucial on-page SEO, social media and mobile issues to produce a detailed digital audit, then creates a public link to send out automatically via your email campaigns.

ScopeLeads even adds your contact details, and a custom logo to your audit to give it a professionally branded finish…

Email Marketing

This is where ScopeLeads gets really intelligent and makes your business easier than you can probably imagine right now…

Once you have your leads, and their contact details, and you know what each lead is lacking, (all supplied by ScopeLeads), the system gives you the option to send out personalized marketing emails with custom merge fields, to connect with your new prospects and warm them up for a consultation or strategy call.

Connect, Track, And Close
With ScopeLeads CRM

Everything you do with your lead from the moment ScopeLeads brings it will be tracked for you by the built in CRM. See at a glance how many emails you've sent, how many emails are opened, and which links have been clicked. There's no need for an expensive second service to tell you what's working and what needs fixing… it's all right there inside your dashboard.

Clean, Easy, Powerful

Track opens, clicks, and spot check sales with powerful sales analytics inside your dashboard. See how individual campaigns are performing. Check on individual leads. Control everything, instantly, with absolute ease.

Data Export

Your clients and your prospects are your most important assets, and ScopeLeads make exporting all their data to CSV as easy as clicking a button. This also lets you quickly transition between online marketing and direct mail and physical marketing.

Specific Results

ScopeLeads lets you set up campaigns and keep all your results in specific geographical areas. So if you want to keep your leads separate for country, state, and home town, (or any town for that matter) you can. Just enter your location of choice and you're done.

ScopeLeads Helps Build Your Business Whether You're A Grizzled Veteran Or A Wide-Eyed Newbie.

ScopeLeads is more than a handy bit of software...

It's also the keys to a brand new business. One that you can start today, without any experience or training.

If you've got skills to offer a client, or you have a team of people ready to do the work, ScopeLeads can put you in touch with hundreds of "the right clients" – in minutes.

And when a single client could be worth as much as $2,000/month you could easily outsource the work and still rake in a tidy profit.

And when you add in the data audits you get with each and every lead, you've got the next best thing to your own cash dispensary

When A Single Client Can Be Worth $2,000/Month

Can You Afford Not To TRY ScopeLeads?

What would one easy close with a single high ticket client mean to you?

How much less stressful would business be with just a single monthly retainer?

How much better will business be when the people you approach are actually happy to hear from you?

I'm willing to wager the answer to all three of those questions is "a lot."

You've seen what ScopeLeads can do.

And remember, this isn't a one hit wonder… this is a bit of software that'll help run your business and generate hot leads all day every day.

And when a single lead could be worth $2000/month, I think you'll agree the public price of $67/month is more than fair.

Try ScopeLeads Today For 30-days…

And You're100%

Covered By An Iron-Clad


Listen, ScopeLeads isn't some buggy piece of software.

It's not one of those shoddy lead scrapers that'll create more work for you. And it's not promising to make you a millionaire tomorrow morning. That's not why you're buying it. You're clever enough to know push button riches don't exist.

What ScopeLeads does do… is exactly what I promised:

Create a list of high value clients in need of your services, and connect you with them in a way that makes selling easy…

So here's what I'd like you to do:

Take a look at it, use it for 30 days, more than enough time for you to generate hundreds of leads and close some big clients…

If for any reason you find ScopeLeads doesn't work as promised… even if it's just because you didn't have time to make the most of it yet… contact me within 30 days and I'll rush you a full refund.

No questions ask. No hassle. No hard feelings.

Can't say fairer than that, right?

Are You Ready To Find The Kind Of Clients To Take You And Your Business On Permanent Vacation?

This isn't about software. It's about life. Life and Business.

This is about knowing that wherever you want to be, whatever niche you want to dominate, and however you want to run your business… you'll ALWAYS have a red-hot list of prospects on tap.

The kind of prospects that you don't even need to sell to.

Trust me here…

This simple knowledge, and the sense of financial security it brings, is the secret to my permanent vacation. And I fully believe, it can be your ticket too.

Knowing that all you have to do is enter a keyword and your home town (wherever that may be) and by the time they've brought your morning coffee, you'll be looking a list FULL of the best local leads.

Picture this: finding a list of prospects through ScopeLeads. Sending an email out to introduce yourself in one-click. Getting in touch with your first lead… and having them DELIGHTED that you did.

Sounds good to you?

You bet it does.

ScopeLeads makes picking up new clients as easy as picking up groceries from the store.

When I started out I took a big risk by going it alone. Thankfully, it paid off. And now I'm lucky enough to be able to remove all the risk for you.

Not only do you get access when you invest in ScopeLeads today, but you're fully covered by the 30-day guarantee.

If you want to take your business to a brand new level today, all you have to do is hit that button below now.

ScopeLeads Discount

Thanks for reading this far. I really think you'll profit from ScopeLeads, and I hope it takes you wherever it is you most want to be. Who knows, perhaps you can tell me about it over a beer on a beach one day.. I'd love that.

All The Best

Lior Ohayon

Information Is Power. But Scopeleads Is Better.

Does it work anywhere in the world?

Yes! As long as you have an internet connection, you can run ScopeLeads on any device! We can find hot leads in any city or country!

Do I need to buy anything else to make it work?

Absolutely not! As long as you have an email address, you do NOT need to buy anything to make ScopeLeads work (additional servers, proxies, none of that!).

Are there any limits on my account?

NO, your account is truly limitless. We have measures in place to make sure you aren't putting your email address at risk and to keep you safe. If you wouldn't send 1,000 emails in one day manually, you probably shouldn't do it in ScopeLeads either.

ScopeLeads Discount
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