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Hey, it's Lior. You're almost done. Thank you for sticking with me. There's no more after this, so can we get serious for a second?

Between me and you, one professional to another, you know what makes the best get better, while everyone else fails to catch up, don't you?

It's not what you know. It's WHO you know.

When you surround yourself with the best minds, you don't NEED to know anything.

When you have a mastermind, or a community to turn to when you're stuck, if you need something you just ask.

Some people frown on this. Some people worry that they can't contribute enough to make it fair. But at the risk of upsetting many other mastermind owners, that's pure BS.

Because asking and accepting help is the only way to grow.

By Learning Insider Secrets, And Being
Held Accountable By Friends And Peers…

And suddenly, before you know it, other people are asking YOU for advice, secrets, and help.

It happens to all of us.

I remember the first time someone came "Facebooked" me to ask me for SEO advice.

At first I was like "Damn, they've got the wrong guy…" but then I realized I could genuinely help.

Suddenly it was like a door got kicked open in my head. I was thinking, "WOW. I really DO know this stuff now. When did THAT happen?"

And it happened the same for me as for everyone. By asking questions, and learning from those that came before me.

And it'll happen like that for you too.

So am I suggesting you go and hang out in a group of business masterminds and steal their secrets? Am I suggesting you come and steal all MY secrets? You bet I am!

Think About The Roadblocks In Your Business Right Now

Now imagine that instead of having them stress you out, you could just jump into a group of peers and experts and ask your question.

And within a few minutes or so, up pops your answer, with solid, actionable feedback.

Now you're getting your information direct from the horse's mouth, from a professional, who's been where you are now, from someone you can build a relationship with… not from some random bloke on a free forum.

How much would that help? I'm guessing a lot.

And it's not just wishful thinking…

I'm seeing it happen for members of my private group right now… people interacting, sharing scripts, success stories, new tactics… and kick-starting each other's success!

It's inspiring…

WARNING: We Might NOT Want You.

This group is not for everyone.

It's okay to be be quiet, shy even, and it's okay if you don't know your stuff. We don't care if you NEVER post.

BUT – we DO care that you put the advice you get into action.

This is not for marketers who aren't committed to massive ongoing success.

And it's not for marketers who just want to dabble. It's not for whiners, or people who struggle to take action.

This is for elite marketers and serious marketers who want to be the best, share ideas with the best, and discover what makes the best, the best.

Welcome To ScopeLeads Elite

ScopeLeads Elite is a private, paid-members only Facebook group.

That means when you're in, you're in with other professionals who all have skin in the game. And it shows.

They are the movers and shakers. They'll be like you are NOW, or like you want to be SOON. And I'll be there to help you out too.

8 Reasons To Join ScopeLeads
  • Actionable Feedback: Business can be a lonely place when you're a one-man army. So use us, and get feedback on your ideas and goals from people who've been there and done it, and make sure you're one the right path from day one…
  • Stay Accountable: We're not all hanging out with big sticks to beat you with! We don't need to be. Because by being part of this group, and simply stating your goals, then having other members check in with you has a powerful multiplying effect on your ability to achieve big results… We do it, you can help us too, no stick necessary!
  • Lifetime Connections: Make new friends with peers and experts in your field. It's no great secret that modeling what works, works… So jump in and instantly surround yourself with the kind of success you want to achieve in your business.
  • Expert Access: Great things can happen when you're only a Facebook message away from expert advice.
  • Example: Imagine waking up one morning stuck on some idea or strategy… logging into Facebook…sending a message and getting an answer within minutes... Applying it… and going to bed that night light years ahead of where you started the day… You just can't get better than that. And there's no limit of how much help you can ask for.
  • Stay Ahead Of The Curve: Surround yourself with new strategies and proven systems for success… More people means more ideas and more ways to succeed.
  • It doesn't matter how complex your personal road to freedom seems to be, because most things are solved quite easily when you get the power of multiple expert minds working on a solution together.
  • It's YOUR Group Too: If you want to see a new feature, or some kind of upgrade added to ScopeLeads and it's a winning idea, we'll do everything in our power to make that happen. If you want to see a new feature in the group. Same deal. Just let us know.
  • EXCLUSIVE: What's Working Now: I'll be hosting 4 exclusive webinars for group members only, covering what's working now, unique case studies, and answering your questions direct.
  • Plus, Get These Always Updated Tools For FREE: Just like your business the group is growing. It's dynamic. And every time we discover a new strategy, a new sales template, or someone has a massive success… we'll create a template for you to use, or record a case study for you to follow, or even hold a live Q&A session for you to get an exact answer to your most pressing concerns, instantly.
What's One Good Idea Worth?

What's a support network worth?

What's being held accountable for your own success worth?

Only time will tell.

However, getting access to ScopeLeads Elite for life… so it's there from you whenever you need help, providing a valuable network of friends, peers and camaraderie…that we CAN put a price on.

Already, we've had students share their own high-converting templates, and valuable case studies uploaded directly into Facebook.

And whereas many paid groups like this charge as much as $97/month for this kind of access (and rightly so in my opinion) for today only, you can get a special lifetime membership for a single payment of $97.

Join Today And Get Lifetime Membership For Just $97

As investments go, giving yourself live access to real-time feedback, honest-to-god experts, and a support network that will be with you for life... for just $97… has to be the smartest investment you could ever make.

I hope to be speaking with you soon.

Lior Ohayon & Todd Spears

ScopeLeads Community

(One Time Payment)

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