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ScopeLeads Email Swipes

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I'm pretty sure this is the most valuable offer I've ever made.

Here's a secret:

Only amateurs try to land clients by going straight for the sale.

Professionals know you've got to ease them in.

Build your authority. Prove you've got some chops.

Because once you've done that, you don't have to sell anyone. The clients sell themselves.

These 4 E-mails Are
What I Use To Land EVERY Client

ScopeLeads found you a ton of leads. You're ready to make contact.

But what do you say that doesn't instantly put up their defenses? No-one likes to be sold to on first contact.

Simple. Instead of selling, offer them a free strategy session. Tell them for free what they need to do… and they'll talk themselves into hiring you to do it.

Getting as many leads onto these calls as possible is CRUCIAL for my business.

That's why I've spent a lot of time testing, tweaking and perfecting the e-mail sequences that will do it.

This is the simple truth:

Once You've Got
A Winning Email Sequence,
You've Got A Winning Business…

The kind of business that'll bring you leads and make you money on total autopilot, wherever you are in the world.

Getting the sequence right isn't easy though.

You could hire a copywriter. But hiring a copywriter is like hiring a lawyer.

They'll get the job done, but man-oh-man will they make your accountant cringe.

Which is why most people either can't afford a real copywriter, or try to go it alone…


As soon as you sit down to write those emails you find yourself staring at a blank screen.

And you can stare at that screen for so long, and with so much conviction, your eyeballs start to bleed.

But do words magically appear? No. They do not. And that's just the first draft.

Which is why I truly believe this is the most valuable offer I've ever made.

You Can Have The Exact E-mail
Templates I Use In My Own Business…
Tried, Tested, And Proven To Convert

That thing where you stare at the monitor until your eyes bleed? I did that.

The thing where you lose a load of clients because your e-mails weren't good enough, then spend ages testing and editing? I did that.

The thing where you hire a $150/e-mail copywriter to put the final professional polish on them? I did that, too.

And it was all worth it, because now I've got the e-mail templates I use with EVERY client, EVERY time.

There's 16 in total. 4 for each of these campaigns: SEO lacking, Website lacking, Social lacking and Adwords lacking.

Without them, I wouldn't have a business.

And now I'd like to offer them to you.

They've never been released before. And they're certainly not going on general sale – we don't want everyone to be using them.

In fact…

Only 300 Copies Of These Templates Will Ever Be Sold

That's it. Just 300. If we hit that number during this launch, this page is coming down and I'm pulling the plug on this offer for good.

If you're reading this, there's still a few copies left, and you can still have the best chance of success.

Just download the templates, add your own details, upload them to ScopeLeads…

…and let them prove themselves the most profitable worker you've ever had!

Even With ScopeLeads's Ability To Bring You Fresh Clients, Nothing Is More Frustrating Than Losing Clients Because They Didn't Like Your Email

You never know if that lost client could've been the big meal ticket offering a 5-figure retainer. But it always feels like they were.

But with these emails you'll never have to feel like you've missed out, because they're proven to work for anyone, online, offline, local…

They've built my business. And now they can build yours too.

IMPORTANT: These Professional Email Templates Are NOT AVAILABLE To The Public…

Only 300 will be sold template will be sold. Ever.

That makes them more limited than a one-handed man in clapping contest… so you're probably wondering how much these templates are going to cost.

And if you've ever had professional copy written for you, or even toyed with the idea, you'll know it's always a shock when the price is revealed.

You can easily pay anywhere between $150 to $1500 for a single email.

But you won't pay that today. You won't even pay $150 for each set of 4. In fact, you can get all 16 emails now for less than $100.

But only here. I'm not offering these to the public. I don't want to dilute their performance by selling them to every marketer and his dog.

When your emails go out, I want your outreach to be fresh, personal, and effective.

And honestly, I only want serious, professionally minded marketers to have access to them.

So if that's you, if you want to add the incredibly profitable power of tried, tested copy to your business… and you want to be able to automate lead and client acquisition like a PRO, just hit the button below now and get all 16 templates today for a single payment of just $47.

ScopeLeads Email Swipes

(One Time Payment)

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