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Hey it's Lior, THANK YOU for investing in ScopeLeads.

And congratulations, you'll soon be staring at a list of potential new clients. So let me show you how to take full advantage of ScopeLeads and double your business. Today.

Here's what it's all about:

There's one heck of a lot of people trying to carve out a life offering professional SEO services.

… and most of them never get noticed.

Because, quite frankly, they don't have any edge. They can't offer the kinds of services that big fish clients need and expect. They got no game.

And on the off chance these "SEOs" strike it lucky and land a few big clients (the kind that turn the tough SEO grind into a dream business overnight) they instantly blow it.

But with ScopeLeads PRO you can hook 'em and reel 'em with absolute ease.

Here's how:

ScopeLeads Pro Doubles Your Output With Fully Automated Smart Sequencing.

How would you like to cut your workload in half?

Believe it or not, that's exactly what ScopeLeads Pro helps you do.

Simply flip ScopeLeads Pro over to "Auto Mode" and all your leads are emailed automatically after your search is complete.

Not the same generic email though…

Because ScopeLeads Pro lets you pre-set personalized email sequences, and even choose from custom templates to keep your outreach fresh.

Which Brings Us To The BIG SECRET Buried In ScopeLeads Pro...
Upgrade Now And Unlock The HIDDEN Power Of SMART SEQUENCING.

Unlock Smart Sequencing and you're discovering the biggest thing to hit marketing since Frank Kern discovered the internet.

You'll be able to run personalized, automated email sequences that are way beyond the power of most autoresponders.

In fact, you'll be running a set up that has the same core functionality of high end professional email service providers like Infusionsoft.

This is everything you need to grow your business like a pro, and keep tabs on your leads… and it's not going to cost you $199/month to use.

  • Create individual sequences for an unlimited amount of clients.
  • Tailor up to 4 emails for each smart sequence.
  • HUGE: set conditions for every email (conditions include: day, opened email, not open, clicked, replied and more – this is the ultimate in e-mail targeting and automation)
  • Track each email based on conditions in the ScopeLeads CRM
  • Start each automated sequence in one click.
Plus: How To Double Your Clients, Double Your Services And Double Your Prices

What if you weren't limited to clients who needed SEO, Social and Mobile?

ScopeLeads Pro lets you tap into 2 new HUGE markets.

And with these added, you'll NEVER be short of clients (or a pay check) again.

Website Lacking (Double Your Reach)

Talk about expanding your reach!

How many businesses have (or need) a website these days?


Maybe you want to work with young businesses and guide them to success. Maybe you want to focus on long-established ones for those tasty corporate budgets.

Either way, website services are your easy way in.

And ScopeLeads Pro finds all the businesses that are trying to to show an online presence… without an actual website!

Sounds crazy, right, but I promise you'll be AMAZED at how many of these businesses exist… and how grateful they can be for your help.

And once you're in charge of their website, SEO, Social and AdWords naturally follow.

Focusing on companies lacking websites is the ultimate way to get your foot in the door… and ScopeLeads Pro gives you all the prime targets you'll ever need.

AdWords Lacking (Double Your Prices)

You heard of AdWords, right? Of course you have.

Even my great aunt Annabella knows about AdWords, and I'm pretty sure she was around during Lincoln's time.

Any business worth its salt uses, or NEEDS to use AdWords. It's a multi-billion-dollar industry and its about as easy a sell as you'll ever find:

"Hey, let me help you make more money!"

"OK! When do we start?"

And the best part about AdWords services is that clients virtually never want to hire you just once. They want to test. To improve. To optimize.

And you know what that means? That means the easiest monthly retainer you ever sold.

Not only that… but when you are the guy in charge of someone's successful advertising, they NEVER want to let you go. So name your price.?

So here's the deal:

With ScopeLeads Pro You Can:
  • Double the reach of your potential clients.
  • Doubled the services you can offer them.
  • Double your prices to reflect your ability to offer a full spectrum of expertise.

… And NOW using smart sequencing you can cut your workload in half

And you can do all this 100% risk free…

Upgrade To ScopeLeads Pro Today
100% Risk Free

You're already covered by a cast iron 30-day money back guarantee.

That means you can be 100% confident in testing out the full power and professionalism of ScopeLeads Pro today… safe in the knowledge that if you're not completely blown away by how easy ScopeLeads Pro makes finding and converting the very best leads for your business, you can contact me for a full no questions asked refund.

ScopeLeads Pro costs $197… but not for you.

If you want to take your business all the way to the big leagues YOU MUST ACT NOW because this upgrade is only available at the super-low price of $67 on this page.

That's a massive saving of $130!

Especially, when you consider the insane power of Smart Sequencing…

You could wait, but fair warning, when you see what ScopeLeads does you'll be kicking yourself for not upgrading when you had this chance. Especially when it's guaranteed.

The decision is simple enough.

ScopeLeads Pro lets you double your reach, double your leads, even double your prices to create a bigger, stronger, more profitable business.

And with Smart Sequencing built in, you can do it all, with less work.

It's a simple upgrade that adds the kind of SUDDEN POWER to your business that'll make your competition cower in the corner.

Which means MUCH MORE time for you to live large and enjoy your life, time with family, holidays or whatever floats your boat.

And right now, while you're on this page, when you click the buy now button below, it's 100% risk free…

All the best,

Lior Ohayon & Todd Spears

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