"Discover The Secret "$3,000 Magic Trick" For Closing The Biggest Clients, For The Biggest Bucks, Even If You Suck On The Phone"
ScopeLeads Sales Training

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You've got ScopeLeads working overtime. The automation is running like clockwork. Emails are going out. Potential clients are emailing back. They want to speak with you. It's all good.

But now you've got the attention of a few make or break clients. Big fish. The kind of client that puts you on easy street if you manage to land them.

You don't want to blow this chance. So what do you do?

This is the conversation my students pay me $3,000 each to engage in.

The way you deal with what comes next directly impacts on your level of success.

Struggle-Town, Mediocre, Or Easy-Street?

What will you do?

The answer is simple. And it won't cost you $3,000.

As you know, my own success is built on an incredibly high rate of closing clients, many of them big clients.

There's no magic to it. Just like finding the leads in the first place. It's a process.

You can see proof of this in my repeated success, and perhaps more importantly the success of my students who now easily close clients on the phone for as much as [1000]

… And NOW, You Have The Chance To Perform The Same $3,000 "Magic Trick" To Your Business, To Win Big Clients, At High Prices.

Here's how:

I've recorded both myself and my students closing sales on the phone live.

Then I've broken it down into WHY it works, and HOW to replicate it in your business. I've even given you the sales script which is priceless.

In my experience this is the easiest way to learn how to close with confidence.

Sure it FEELS like magic when you first watch someone else do it.

But just like any other magic trick, once you've seen it explained you realize there's no special talent needed. It's actually a lot easier than it looked.

Maybe you've seen a magician reveal his trick and suddenly thought: "Oh yeah! I get it!"

Except in this instance, you don't just get your watch back in one piece. You get money "magically appear" in your bank account.

Plus, I'm giving you something not even my students have seen yet…

A live case study of me personally walking you through how I use Scope Leads for Finding, Prospecting and Closing clients. The case study will focus on SEO but can be applied across the board.

  • The exclusive case study revealing key strategies for finding, prospecting and closing clients
  • The $3,000 secret for setting up the perfect sales call every time.
  • The one-glance cheat sheet PDFs that keep your sales conversation flying "straight as an arrow" all the way to the sale.
  • The secrets to "ethically rigging" upcoming strategy calls before the very first hello.
  • The single most powerful way of starting any call, consultation, or strategy session in which you plan to come away with a new client. (Works really well with email too, but it's like pouring gasoline on a bonfire when you use it in regular conversation)
  • The "dignified way" to end any call, good or bad, that'll leave your prospect or client desperate to work with you.
  • The fastest way to start with Scope Leads and the best way to finish strong with more clients, for bigger bucks.
  • The "no sweat, no drama" way to copy my process and see big results in your business today.

… By the time you're finished with this coaching you'll have seen and heard how to close with conviction over the phone.

You'll know exactly how to replicate the entire process from lead getting to client closing.

It doesn't matter how big the client is… you'll be in complete control of the process.

And even if (you think) you suck on the phone, when you're armed with my sales script, you'll go into each strategy call with all the assured confidence of a professional… And that's a promise.

This coaching, case study, and script will unlock a wealth of riches in your business, and become jumping off point for a life worth living.

… It's Happened For Me. It's Happened For My Many Of Students. And It Can Happen For You Too.

Full disclosure:

I'm not going to claim this is EVERYTHING my $3000 coaching students get.

But if you ask any of them, they'll tell you it's the most valuable part.

Not the one-on-ones or the accountability. Not even the insider info. That's all great stuff. But this sales magic right here. This is the real pot of gold.

So because I'm fully committed for you to find success with Scope Leads, I've taken the most valuable information OUT of my coaching, and added it to Scope Leads, WITH an exclusive case study, just for you.

Because I think it's the fastest way I can help you to succeed BIG.

Forget $3,000.

Forget any kind of high price at all.

You can get [The ScopeLeads Sales Training Package] for only $67!

That's $67… vs. whatever price you feel a high priced client is worth?

$750? $1500? More?

No matter how much you charge, and I hope it's a lot…

$67 will be barely a drop in the ocean compared to the size of the clients you can land using this information.

In fact, most people would 10x this just to get good at closing on the phone!

But you can ONLY get it here on this page, for this price…

Will you still be able to get it after you've left this page? Yes. But you'll have to sign up to my $3000 programme for that to happen. And that doesn't even guarantee you access to Scope Leads case study, right now.

Click below now and you'll be pulling clients out of your magic hat quicker than Harry Houdini slipping out of a straight-jacket.

ScopeLeads Sales Training

(One Time Payment)

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